I have worked for the largest interior magazines for a long time, mainly in Sweden but also for international magazines. With my combined education in visual merchandising followed by a journalist education, a step in to the magazine world felt obvious. To work with the image in focus and making it appealing is what excites me. It involves both to build a realistic environment in a larger settings or just a delightful eye candy but also to make the small things captivating. I'm not afraid to use color but I'm emphasizes the importance to keep a harmonized color scale. The same applies for the composition – keep a clean base style but contrast with playful and interesting elements.

With the image in focus a natural step and good combination for me was to include advertisement assignments in my work. With large productions such as the IKEA catalogue, the MIO catalogue, etc. I'm embrace working in a diverse and dynamic team environment, providing me with the opportunity to undertake a wide range of collaborative tasks. I'm used to develop and deliver a complete concept but does not exclude working close together with the client to develop an outstanding concept.


Östgötagatan 34
116 25 Stockholm

+46 73 960 30 87

Instagram: lindaahman

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